How It Works

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Yoga Practice


Your virtual, accessible studio for those of us with less energy who want to move in a way that suits our bodies

Frequently asked questions

What Cities is Handoff in?

Handoff is fully operational in Denver, Boulder, Fort Collins, Colorado Springs, and Manhattan. We are quickly expanding to other markets. Stay tuned! Not sure if we can reach you? Go ahead and open our app to see if you are in range.

What devices does Handoff operate on?

How much is the delivery fee?

There is a flat $5 delivery fee applied to each order. That is all!

Can I use Handoff on mobile as well as on Alexa/Google Home?

Oh yeah! Once registered, your Handoff account can be accessed on all supported devices and platforms. You have the ability to access Handoff on any mobile device via the Handoff app, any Alexa supported device, and all Google devices.        ©2020 by Zoe Mckenzie        Terms and Conditions