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Initial physiotherapy assessment 60 minutes

This appointment is 60 minutes to allow for a comprehensive assessment and treatment. We start with a chat so I understand you and your condition. I will ask a series of questions about your current pain or issue, your other health conditions as well as talking about your goals and what you want to get out of your treatment. I then will do a virtual physical examination, looking at your movements and clinical tests. These findings will then be discussed with you to help you understand what is going on so we can create a personal treatment plan. The remaining time will be spent giving advice and a home exercise program to treat your issue.


30 minute follow up appointment

During a follow up we will spend the first few minutes catching up on anything that has changed since your initial assessment. We will review your home exercise program plus re-assess your movement and repeat any relevant clinical tests. From here we will adapt or continue your treatment plan which may include education, advice, relaxation techniques, exercises and pain relief.

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