“I am so glad I messaged Zoe to take up pilates again. Having someone there who is able to adapt the moves yet also push me enough so I’m not hurting is amazing. In a couple of weeks I have felt my body gaining strength and waking up in less pain which is a godsend! Being able to fit the 30min session in between various work calls during lockdown has been fun and definitely helped me release some stress from work! I am definitely going to keep this up when normality starts to resume. Thank you so much Zoe xx”


I started bed Pilates about two months ago, having also used Zoe’s ebook over the summer after on top of my chronic illnesses a short unrelated stay in ICU, which made me loose a huge amount of strength. The classes are incredible, and the part of my week I look forward to the most. After just several sessions I had a stronger core and was able to sit up in a chair to study for university for a short period, which is now increasing every week. I am now able to drive without as much pain due to the strength I have built, and am walking almost everyday, whilst before beginning the classes I did not have the strength to do this more than a couple of times a week.


Zoe’s classes have not only made me stronger, healthier and made some of my pain more manageable, they have had a positive effect on my mental health. I always finish a Wednesday night with a smile on my face and usually a thumbs up, it gives me a small amount of time a week to forget about everything else and truly focus on my body and what it can do! We often think about what we can’t do with chronic illness, but Zoe’s classes provide such a range of options to suit how your feeling that day that you can feel proud of your body after a class. Being with a group and instructor who get it makes me feel at ease and rarely is there a class where you don’t have a laugh whilst also helping your body. I couldn’t recommend actively autoimmune enough, Zoe has changed my out look on exercise and allowed me to become more in tune with my body that is steadily becoming stronger.



30 minutes pilates assessment & introduction

Recommended if you are a new client or new to pilates. We start with a chat to get to know you, your health, your goals and what you know about pilates. We then go through pilates principles including activating core muscles, lateral breathing and finding neutral spine. I then take you through a few exercises you can practice before our next session together!


30 minutes private pilates session

Starting with a warm up, I take you through 30 minutes of pilates with exercises tailored to you. I give you real time feedback about your techniques and pick exercises to work directly on your goals. We'll keep adding new exercises to stop you getting in an excercise rut whilst building your strength and stability!


15 minutes private pilates session

A 15 minute session perfect for if you have low energy or low stamina. We go at your own pace, going through pilates exercises tailored for you. Although short, these sessions work specifically on your goals whilst preventing you 'over doing it' and having a symptom flare.


30 min virtual low level pilates from your bed

Gentle movement and exercises you can do whilst horizontal. We go through the basic principles of Pilates, focusing on quality movement. It includes both mobility exercises and gentle stretches alongside strength work. You will feel all the benefits of moving without actually moving all that much!


I've been really unwell in the past few months with recurrent infections and increased symptoms of my chronic illnesses. My body has been severely weakened and my overall strength is much lower. This class was a brilliant way to ease back into movement without doing too much, or having to leave my bed. I'm looking forward to next week already!


Really enjoyed bed pilates. Had a rough time since lockdown (combination of coming off medication and not moving much) resulting in lots of stiffness. Just 30 minutes of pilates made me feel better.


I have struggled for years to find an exercise class that suits me. MS relapses have left me so weak that finding something that gives me the perfect amount of push but not over doing it has always been hard. I really really enjoyed this class and found it suited me well! I’m definitely going to be in regular attendance.