Pouch & Box Of Shit Set

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Our brand new '7 Day Pill Box' aka Box of Shit with our Bag of shit medication pouch.


Includes 1 Box of Shit:

The perfect way to store your weekly meds, each day has 4 sections for morning, midday, evening and night. Each day can be removed from the box for on-the-go meds as they are individual units. 


The box itself and the day boxes all close securely. Medication won't escape! Outside box measures 18cm x 11cm x 2cm. Inside compartments measures 2cm x 2.5cm x 1.8cm


The box has a 'box of shit' sticker on the front (if you want to order this without just message us with your order!)


Each compartment has a printed label:

  • Rising Sun (morning)
  • Sun (midday)
  • Moon (evening)
  • Bed (night time)


And one Bag of Shit:
Choose from either a white or black pouch. 

Large enough to ensure you can fit everything you need and ideal for travelling or to help organise your meds or medical supplies. Our box if shit fits perfectly inside too. But feel free to use it for anything else you can't live without such as make up, toiletries or snacks.


Made of fairtrade cotton canvas with a gold zip
Size: 180mm x 280mm x 90mm

100% naturally made using eco-friendly methods

  • Care Instructions

    Wipe Clean


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