Who am i?

Hi, my name is Zoe & I am Actively Autoimmune! 


I have always been passionate about exercise and movement. I spent my youth swimming, dancing & running until several injuries lead to my diagnosis of Ehlers Danlos Type III. This was a challenging period and my first experience with chronic pain. However I managed to regain my freedom from a wheelchair by re-learning to walk, managing my pain & preventing injuries all through exercises! This ignited my passion to become a physiotherapist and help others. 

I graduated as a Physiotherapist in 2013 and then moved to Australia to complete my Pilates training. I lived and worked in Sydney, managing my EDS symptoms well until I was diagnosed with Lupus in June 2017. This resulted in me moving back to the UK, leaving my job and life behind.


Actively Autoimmune has emerged whilst learning to live alongside my conditions. I use exercise as a management tool daily and I know first-hand how health can fluctuate day to day which can be frustrating and demotivating. I want Actively Autoimmune to change this; to inspire, to educate and to support the invisible illness community.