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I have written a book!

After keeping it a secret for over 3 years, it feels incredible to finally share “Exercise Well with Autoimmunity”


This book is my definitive guide to knowing how to exercise with a chronic condition and is available to pre-order RIGHT NOW!

We're told that we need to exercise to stay healthy, but we're not told HOW to exercise. We're certainly not told how to exercise with an autoimmune condition. This is the definitive book you need to help you understand and support your body when exercising with an autoimmune condition.

Here, Zoe tells us of her own health journey, whilst exploring the benefits of exercise for someone with an autoimmune condition and how you can get onto a plan that suits your needs. She uses case studies, experts and her own research to explore:
- the benefits of exercising with a chronic condition
- the barriers to exercising with a chronic condition and how to overcome them
- how to keep motivation high when exhausted
- which exercises you should do (complete with illustrations)
- how to adapt your exercises depending on your condition
- how to get into the right mindset with exercise

Zoe teaches with compassion and understanding that is unique in this field and brings to market a guide that covers all aspects of exercising with chronic conditions, including simple, clear practices that you can put into action and meld into part of your balanced lifestyle programme.

"What a gift to the world this book is... beautifully and compassionately written, comprehensive without being overcomplicated and practical yet permissive for readers."

Melissa Williams
integrative physiotherapist and founder of Zebras Australia

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