Do you want to feel stronger but not sure where to start?
Do you have pain and fatigue that impact on your ability to exercise?
Do you fear movement, worried it will make your pain worse?
Have you tried other programs or worked with other instructors who don't "get it"?
Do you struggle to motivate yourself and keep stopping and starting exercise?
Do you want to able to increase how much you can function?



I know how tough it is to exercise with chronic illness (I’m on the same journey as you!). I make sure you feel supported through every step of the journey. I make the process as easy as I can, giving you all the information you need. I am here for you throughout, virtually holding your hand. As well as our scheduled video calls and weekly check ins, I am available to answer any questions or make changes throughout the month via email or book in a bonus 10 min call whenever you need.


Chronic pain, fatigue, injuries, operations and illness can leave us feeling weak and deconditioned. We find ourselves doing less and less activity, and then become further deconditioned. It’s a tough cycle to break, and the key is to start building up your strength slowly and steadily. Through the right exercises, at a pace and intensity picked just for you, I help you feel stronger again in your body and break that downward cycle.


I take a thorough medical history as well taking the time to really getting to know and understand you. I then use all this information to make exercise programs that suit your body and lifestyle. I find out what you like and don’t like as I believe exercise should add joy to your life. You are the expert on your body and I listen to you throughout as we work together towards your goals.


We dig deep to find your “why”. Why do you want to exercise? More than just setting a goal, this is the reason for moving your body through the brain fog, fatigue and pain each day. You are doing it for you. Not out of guilt, another thing on the to do list or because you ‘feel you should’. I believe exercise is a form of self-care, and when your mindset switches to exercising with compassion you’ll feel inspired, encouraged and motivated.

“Zoe is a marvel. I have struggled with exercise and movement in general for years due to chronic pain and the past year has been a significant steady downhill. I am now starting my second month of exercise coaching and I can not recommend this service enough. The first month, with Zoe's support and her physio expertise, is the longest streak of daily movement I've had in nearly 5 years. Zoe has answered all my questions regarding exercises and changing pain and motivation struggles in a prompt and caring manner. I feel supported and understood as we discuss my shifting pain cycles and symptom additions. This coaching gave me the "why" I was lacking in trying to do this on my own and her physio background is a dream for someone like me who loves learning about the way my body works and why it doesn't work as it should sometimes due to my illnesses. The information she shares, her willingness to assist me in adapting as needed, and her warm and lovely personality make this coaching something I intend to continue for many months to come.”


"Zoe’s 1:1 exercise coaching program was the perfect way for me to start exercising and getting strong without injuring myself and still finding a balance between movement and rest. Over the past few years I had found myself not doing much exercise because the majority of exercise programs online were unsuitable either due to my chronic illnesses or because I am a paraplegic. However Zoe designed a program to perfectly suit me. After chatting to Zoe we worked out what some of my goals were and what areas we needed to focus on. I was able to follow my own personalised exercises straight from an app on my phone.

Throughout Zoe has been so understanding of my needs, always answering any questions, motivating me when needed and also reminding me of the importance to find a balance between movement and rest. I am already getting stronger after just one month. I think what makes Zoe’s exercise coaching even better is, not only her professionalism and the wealth of knowledge she carries but also her understanding from a patient perspective which is what makes her programs unique and suited to everyone, including those suffering from chronic illness. I am so happy Zoe’s coaching has allowed me to start exercising again and I am delighted that I am getting stronger already, allowing me to be more functional in daily life"

Carla H



45 minute video call


We find your 'why'


Created just for you


Videos of each exercise


Exercises progressed or regressed with you


Weekly email check in's


End of the month video call


Email or live chat support



Monthly Coaching

  • Monthly payment, cancel anytime

  • Initial assessment 45 min video call

  • End of month review video call

  • Weekly email check in

  • 4 week bespoke exercise program

  • Exercise regressions and progressions

  • Goal setting workbook

  • Unlimited email support

  • 10% off all products on website


3 Month Coaching

  • One off payment

  • Initial assessment 45 min video call

  • 3 end of month review video calls

  • Weekly email check in

  • 12 week bespoke exercise program

  • Exercise regressions and progressions

  • Goal setting workbook

  • Unlimited email support

  • 10% off all products & other services


Your exercise program is sent straight to an app on your phone with videos, photos and descriptions of each exercise. Everything you need to stay on track!


Exercise coaching with Zoe has been the single-handed most helpful (and fun!) intervention for my health since I got sick. Before getting sick, I was highly active and athletic, but after my injury and illness (including 18+months in bed), I was totally lost on how to proceed in rebuilding strength and working with this different version of my body that has to many conflicting needs. I tried a few things on my own at first, but wasn’t able to maintain them or make progress. Then (pre-COVID), I tried one-on-one sessions in both PT and pilates. At best they were helpful in managing symptoms, and at worst they were really harmful and set me back.


Enter Zoe’s exercise coaching—both the exercise plan, email check-ins, and monthly sessions with her are so incredibly helpful. The structure and format provides just the right amount of support, without being too overwhelming or demanding for my body/mind. Working with her and the personalised/individual plans she has created for me have helped me understand my body and my specific needs on a whole new level, and in the almost 6 months that we’ve worked together, I’ve noticed so much progress in both functional movement and exercise/strength. It’s so relieving to know when something pops up with my body (or pops out, as is often the case with EDS!), I can talk to Zoe about it and she will not only fully understand, but give me great and helpful insights, and tweak my exercises accordingly. Zoe is truly one of the most empathetic, kind, and incredibly talented health/physio professionals I have ever had the pleasure of working with. I am so grateful to have found her!

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