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Actively Coaching

Do you want to feel stronger but not sure where to start?

Does your pain and fatigue impact your ability to exercise?

Do you fear movement, as previous attempts have made you feel worse?

Have you worked with other instructors who don't "get it"?

Do you struggle to be consistent, forever stopping and starting exercise?

Do you find yourself falling into the 'boom and bust' pattern?

Do you want to be able to increase your ability to function?

Exercising with chronic illness can feel impossible

We understand that exercise brings a bunch of good things for our body and mind. But for many, exercising can make us feel worse, sometimes with symptoms that stick around for days, weeks, or even months.

But it is possible...

It is possible to find a way to exercise that works with your body. Exercise should not leave you feeling worse or unable to complete your everyday tasks. You can find joy in moving your body again without paying for it afterwards. 

...with the right support 

Trying to work out what is "enough" and what is "too much" for your body is hard, let alone when you have fluctuating symptoms. It can be stressful navigating the well-meaning, conflicting advice online or on social media, or trying to find a coach that 'gets it'. But with the right support, it can take the stress out of your movement journey and create space for the joy of rediscovering exercise.


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