An online space for those with chronic illnesses

Helping you move your body in a way that suits you

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Accessible Pilates E-book

A downloadable e-book full of my essential pilates exercises. These are the exercises that are safe and effective, broken down into 4 sections - core essentials, lying essentials, sitting essentials and standing essentials. So no matter what level you are at, and through pain, fatigue, nausea or more, you know how to keep yourself moving.


Work 1:1 with Zoe!

I am opening up my online services to help YOU in three different ways: 

  • Online Exercise Coaching - your  virtual personal trainer, helping you reach your goals with a tailored exercise program

  • Online Physiotherapy Consultations - assessing you virtually and treating you with advice and exercises

  • Online 1:1 Pilates sessions - accessible pilates in real time with me, choose between 15min or 30min slots​

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Online Exercise Videos

Actively Studio is an online space with exercise videos designed for those with Chronic illness. You can watch these on any device from anywhere in the world with no equipment needed. Join in from your bed, yoga mat or wheelchair and find a way to move that helps your body.

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Download to any device

Access all our downloadable products instantly via our online store. Including our E-book 'Actively Essentials', our  ‘Appointment Preparation Pack’ and ‘Movement Motivator’. Easy downloads so you don't have to wait for the mail man!

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Hi my name is Zoe & I am Actively Autoimmune! Using my knowledge as a physiotherapist & personal trainer, my passion for movement as a Pilates instructor and my experience as a patient with multiple chronic illnesses, I have created an online studio to help YOU.

Actively Autoimmune emerged whilst I was learning to live alongside all my conditions. I use exercise as a management tool daily and I know first-hand how health can fluctuate daily which can be frustrating and demotivating. There is currently a lack of support and knowledge about exercising with chronic illnesses but Actively autoimmune will change this. Actively Studio is here to help inspire, educate and support the invisible illness community to move in a way that helps you and your body.

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