Stuff I buy on Amazon that helps with chronic illness life

I was going to name this 'crap I buy' but that seems mean to these products that make such a big difference to me! I am not always the best at replying to dm's in a timely manner and often mention a product and forget to do a swipe up - so hopefully this will help answer questions about products I regularly mention or show on my stories. It's a very random list from massage products to underwear!

These products contain an affiliate link, which means I make a tiny amount of money (seriously tiny) from the sale. It doesn't affect the price you pay, and every product is something I have bought myself. Every penny goes towards the running of Actively Autoimmune.

Click on the photo of each product to be taken to the direct product page.

Ice hat or as myself as Nat from @mindfulmigraine call it 'purple volcano hat'

Its a 'Patented Headache cap made from non-toxic, medical grade liquid gel with a premium PVC cover'. You can either put it in the fridge or freezer to get it to the temperature you want - if you are like me, I need it ice ice cold.

It's honestly is one of my best purchases ever. It's my favourite ice pack ever and is honestly a saviour for a bad headache or full on migraine.


Electric heating pad

I can't believe I waited until last month to buy one of these! I normally use my hot water bottle (@yuyubottle) - however I decided to finally buy this so if I wake at night, I don't have to go downstairs to refill my hot water bottle. Its been great for this, but even more so its great for during the day when I am in pain or cold! So easy to use and gets nice and hot - although you can control the setting easily with the control. £25.99

Kool'n'soothe Migraine Cooling Strips

I usually get these from Boots (our local pharmacy) but due to Covid I have ordered them in bulk off Amazon. I find these strips helpful if my headache is bad, but not bad enough for full ice hat. It's great as it sticks on you so you can still sit or move around and it stays in place. It's a good pain management distraction technique than anything that 'fixes' or takes away the pain.

Pack of 4 £2.79

Camelbak Water Bottle