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What is it?

It is downloadable e-book full of my essential pilates exercises. They are my go-to exercises which have helped me move my body throughout the ups and downs of chronic illness. It is full of safe and effective exercises, broken down into 4 sections - core essentials, bed essentials, sitting essentials and standing essentials. So no matter what level you are at, and through pain, fatigue, nausea or more, you know how to keep yourself moving.

Who is it for?

It's designed for those of us with chronic illness, pain and fatigue. But anyone who wants to build up some strength will find working through this e-book beneficial. All the exercises are low impact for your body and start at a low level, giving you the perfect foundation of strength to build upon. There are no jumping exercises, sit ups, anything that strains your neck and zero burpees in sight!

How do I use this e-book?

I have split the exercises into 4 groups:
Core Essentials   Bed Essentials

Chair Essentials   Standing Essentials

There are two ways to use the book, one way is to progress as you get stronger from core to lying to sitting to standing. The second way is to jump around between sections, depending on your symptoms and energy levels that day.

Do I need Pilates experience?

All the exercises are pilates-based but you do not need any previous pilates experience. I talk you through all the basic principles at the start of the e-book. You will learn about your core muscles, neutral spine and lateral breathing so you know you are moving your body in the right way. Chronic pain affects how your muscles are activated and co-ordinated so through movement we can help re-balance our bodies response to pain.

Will I need any equipment?

The only equipment you will need is a bed or yoga mat, a chair and yourself. No other equipment is needed, although you can easily add in exercise bands and small hand weights (1kg or a tin can) as options as you get stronger.

How do I get the E-Book?

Click below to purchase and follow the instructions to download.
You can then either print this yourself or save it to your phone/laptop/tablet so you can ensure you have your essentials with you wherever you go.

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I am chronically ill and often bed bound with a variety of symptoms including fainting and autonomic dysfunction. With the global pandemic, a lot of services have been postponed or cancelled (and I totally understand why) however, chronic illness doesn’t stop because of a pandemic!

Without my physio and regular consultant appointments, I feel myself moving backwards to deconditioning further which in turn, makes my symptoms intolerable. I’ve always loved Zoe’s insta content, but I knew I had to have this ebook. It’s clean, simple, effective and contains all the info you need to do these movements mindfully and correctly.

The thing I love most is that it’s broken down into different areas and leaves you with the flexibility to pick and choose your movements based on your symptoms that day. I feel like this guide has given me the opportunity to take some control back in this unprecedented time, prevent any major deconditioning and feel productive and like I’ve achieved something each day. Thank you Zoe!

Sophie J

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